Trump should Formally Recognise the Iranian Resistance

8 Oct

By Peter Paton

images (4)Now is the decisive time for President Trump to formally recognise the Iranian Resistance, the National Council of Resistance of Iran  (NCRI), and officially invite their leader Maryam Rajavi and her delegation to the White House.By lending Legitimacy and Creedence to the Iranian Resistance, Trump will be metaphorically speaking plunging a dagger into the lawless Mullah’s hearts on the International scene.

The US Administration’s new strategy should be focused on Regime Change in Tehran and Official Recognition of the Iranian Opposition (  ) as symbolic of Regime Change force, and the legitimate voice of the oppressed Persian people.The former US President Barack Hussein Obama abandoned and shunned the Iranian people when they last rose up in rebellion against the criminal Mullahs in 2009, to the eternal shame and dismay of the democratic  world, now is the vital time for President Trump to make official amends for this heartless and embarrassing faux pas by Obama and his discredited foreign advisers.

2015720234337586828951_30------By granting the Iranian Resistance (  an official platform and recognition, and visibly lauding and entertaining their leaders at the White House in front of the world’s press and media, Trump will be sending out a very powerful message to the Free World, that Regime Change is absolutely necessary in Iran, to end the human suffering and misery of its people, and bring the guilty parties of the Mullahs and the IRGC to full account at the International Court of Justice.

Peter Paton is an International PR and Strategic Adviser

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Unbridled Fear grips hold of the Mullahs

7 Oct

By Peter Paton

images (3)A paralysing fear has gripped the autocratic clerical rulers of Iran, as they stare down the barrel of a belligerent American President Donald Trump decertifying the Iran Deal on October 12th, otherwise known as the JCPOA, and also face humiliating sanctions being heaped on their brutal and savage enforcers, the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corp ( IRGC), who face the ignominy of being labelled a Terrorist Organisation by the US Administration.

This juxtaposition of unwelcome events has caused horror and abject panic to set in amongst the Mullah Regime with Ayatollah Khamenei and President Rouhani both lashing out in public and on Twitter decrying and taunting Trump with words of venom and defiance, a sure sign that the 45th US President has got them rattled and on the run, with nowhere to hide from the Judgement that is coming on their Day of Reckoning on October 12th..

donald-trump-saudi-arabiaRouhani, the smiling Devil and Khamenei the Executioner have quickly realised the days of appeasement and largesse enjoyed by the Mullahs under their fraternal benefactor Barack Hussein Obama have come and gone, and they now have to face up to the consequences of their barbaric and savage actions in the past, their insatiable meddling in Middle Eastern Affairs to engineer Iranian Expansionism, their inhumane and vicious abuse of Human Rights, their systemic and methodical corruption and graft at the expense of the Iranian people, and their nefarious and clandestine pursuit of Nuclear weapons, all will now come under the instant scrutiny of their Nemesis Donald Trump on October 12th, when the mercenary and carpetbagging Mullah Regime will finally face the music for their diabolical crimes against the Persian people, and their direct complicity and and involvement in the murder of millions of innocent souls throughout the Middle East in Syria, Iraq, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Yemen and Sudan.

Peter Paton is an International PR and Strategic Adviser

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American Jewish Organisations should Rally Round President Trump

16 Sep
the-wall-640x400It is time the American Jewish Organisations in my opinion showed more appreciation and gratitude to G-D for now having a Jewish friendly President in Donald Trump in the White House, in these very dangerous and unsettling times.for the Jewish people and the State of Israel.


Israel and the Jewish people suffered greatly under Obama for eight long years and were cursed with Obama’s Iran Deal which is a very bad deal for the Zionist State and gives the Anti Semitic Mullahs in Tehran the freedom to develop Nuclear Weapons and Iranian Expansionism in the Middle East, Africa and beyond.


President Trump takes great pride in having a Jewish daughter and Jewish grandchildren. His love and respect for the Jewish people extends way beyond his family, and into the heart of Jewish American communities. President Trump is also actively and vigorously seeking through his Jewish son in law Jared Kushner, Special Envoy to the Israeli-Palestinian Peace Process, Jason Greenblatt, and the American Ambassador to Israel David Friedman to reach a Peace Settlement between the State of Israel and the Palestinians, which would safeguard the long term future of Eretz Yisrael, and he may also refuse to certify the Iran Deal.


The American Jewish Organisations should support the President in these worthy and laudable ideals.




Let all American Jewish Organisations come together in G-D’s name and Rally behind the President.


Peter Paton is an International PR and Strategic Adviser
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Britain needs to Shut the Euro Tunnel ++ Intern + Deport 3000 on Terror List

10 Aug

By Peter Paton

eurotunnelThe British Government should Close the Euro Tunnel immediately as it is a National Security Risk due to the infiltration of thousands of illegal immigrants from Calais in France, and also intern the three thousand known terrorists on the Intelligence Services Watch List for Immediate Deportation, to keep our country safe and free from Radical Islamic Terrorism.

With the heightened risk of a Nuclear War with either Iran or North Korea now threatening the West menacingly, as President Trump vows to retaliate fiercely against North Korea with ” Fire and Fury “, and Iran fast developing its own Nukes and Inter Continental Ballistic Missiles ( ICBM’S) and spreading its Shia Crescent across the Middle East and down into the Mediterranean, it would be prudent and sensible of the UK Government to Close the Euro Tunnel and return Britain to an Island Status Post Brexit.

It is crazy to have 3,000 Plus known Terrorists on the Terror List and allow them to roam free dangerously in Great Britain and transit the UK to Syria and Iraq to fight for ISIS and return back again with impudence and immunity.These known Terrorists should be Interned forthwith and deported back to their Countries of Origin, before these British Islamic Terror Cells can become active and strike British targets and assets in the country at random, risking the lives of many British people, police and servicemen.

The Tories should turn to Michael Gove

23 Jun

10-Gove-GettyBy Peter Paton

The Tories are in a crisis. The May election was a political disaster of epic proportions, which saw their overall majority of seventeen erased and totally dependent on a Coalition with the Ulster Unionist ( DUP), and Theresa May’s reputation and standing in the party shredded, and left as a Zombie Prime Minister, just waiting to be put out of her misery, and the sooner the better for the fortunes of the Conservatives

The Tory Brand has been trashed, and Labour head Jeremy Corbyn has unexpectedly risen as a  very dangerous populist leader, who with his hard left group Momentum has developed a very slick and successful social media based campaign formula which has captured the imagination and the vote of the key voting blocks, the working class, young and old age pensioners.

Faced with this imminent dilemma, the Tories must find a new leader who can rebrand the party, lead from the front, and be able to win elections outright.

This writer firmly believes only one person in the Tory Party fits the bill, Michael Gove.

Gove, The Environment Secretary has all the crucial attributes to make the Conservative Party, an election winning team again. He is an intellectual giant amongst pygmies, whose courage of his convictions, strength of will, and moral and social integrity, are just the qualities Britain needs in these dangerous and unstable global times, and the perfect foil and remedy to the threat from the Left and Corbyn.

Modern day elections are won on Social Media as Donald Trump proved, and Jeremy Corbyn did with the help of Momentum and Media Savvy aides on Twitter, Facebook,Instagram, Gab, Vine and with Mobile Apps and Texts.
It is a Digital Age, and the Tories are still electioneering in the Analogue Age, unable to connect with the Under 30’s, as they no longer read the papers and right wing press’s daily diatribe.
The Conservative Party must be able to set a new benchmark for engaging the press and public online. Tweets drive news cycles and 15-second Instagram videos often earn enough media to perform the function of ad buys, but for free.

Gove  would successfully rebrand the Tories and make them the Party of the People, especially the Young People aged 18-25 years, after this Hung Parliament..

An aggressively youth-centred campaign is crucial in modern day elections in the 18-25 group, who nowadays are very keen to make their voices and votes heard.
The Tories must learn the lesson’s from this disastrous Conservative campaign.
To win the an election you must ” Give the People what they Want “, and also be able to pass the Likeability Test with the Voters.
Michael Gove fits the bill on all accounts.The Tories can’t afford to make any more mistakes.
The Compass points to Micheal Gove.
Peter Paton is an International PR and Strategic Adviser
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Britain must have a Hard Brexit

1 May

By Peter Paton

It is imperative that the Conservative Government under Theresa May exits Great Britain from the European Union (EU) as soon as possible, as Great Britain faces a series of highly damaging inter related EU problems that just won’t go away or are indeed manageable anymore. Communities Secretary Eric Pickles has warned that an “influx” of Romanians and Bulgarians would add to the existing housing problems in the UK. The recent state and bank ” bail outs ” by the member states and the IMF are incurring tremendous debt levels for the British people, even though they are not part of the Euro currency system, and which are equivalent to throwing good money after bad towards crippled economies like Greece, Italy and Spain.The UK risks getting sucked into a fiscal dynamic that will irretrievably hasten its own financial decline, as the growing prospect of a ” Financial Crash” looms on the horizon.

BrexitContextually, the vagaries and anomalies of the EU Courts of Human Rights and Justice are allowing convicted terrorists to make a complete mockery of British justice and law by granting terrorists numerous routes of appeal against incarceration and deportation, and are making a mockery of the British legal system, by consequentially putting the safety of the British people at great risk of home grown terrorism and all kinds of associated criminality, which is threatening to tear asunder the fabric of the British society.

To cap it all, the mass immigration of foreigners both legal and illegal to the UK in recent years has ruptured the National Health Service which can no longer cope with the booming immigrant birth rate, overburdened the public house sector, taken away millions of jobs from British citizens, and has led to a fractured and divided community, as foreigners have refused to integrate or assimilate with the indigenous population, which has left Great Britain with a broken and divided nation.The intelligent and remedial answer it would seem, would be for David Cameron’s Government to withdraw from the EU. Recent polls have indicated that the vast majority of British people wish to exit the EU as soon as possible.

I believe too if leading British businessmen endorse Brexit, it will create jobs, business and enterprise on a colossal scale never envisioned or contemplated before.

syrian-refugeesThe Human Rights act is also attracting highly dangerous criminals to Britain

Theresa May must fast track her political and moral obligations to give the British people their democratic right to have a complete Brexit as it would consolidate the UK’s position as a sovereign British state, retaining its own national identity and currency, and to not be beholden to Foreign Powers controlling all levels of our Society and Law. Britain would be a sovereign island state again, the UK would be able to trade again with the EU ( EFTA) outside of the EU Zone memberhsip, and with other Commonwealth and Free trade areas around the globe, so undoubtedly Britain could prosper and thrive outside the EU.

Peter Paton is an International PR and Strategic Adviser

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E Mail

Dan Jarvis : His Path to becoming Prime Minister

23 Jan


This is a political fantasy, a self projection you might say, that may or not come true. But it is important to note that sometimes self fulfilling prophecies do indeed come about.

It is August 2017. Even although Corbyn hasd done exceedingly well in the May election he was still defeated, seasoned Labour campaigners and observers know that this was more a result of Theresa May’s missteps and political blunders, and pie in the sky electoral promises by Corbyn, rather than any broad spectrum appeal and talent displayed by the hard left Labour Leader.

A fresh leadership election is triggered and the moderate wing of the party supported by Labour grandees field one single candidate this time,-Dan Jarvis,-so there is absolutely no leakage or diffusion of anti-Corbyn vote,with Jarvis being untainted by any connection to the ancient regime.and with Labour having learnt their bitter lesson from the last leadership fiasco in 2015.

The hard left again nominate their chosen standard bearer again Jeremy Corbyn, in what promises to be the most bitter and acrimonious Labour leadership contest of all time for the very soul of the party.

People outside the party, after the last time,are well aware of their right to vote in the leadership election. There are far more sensible moderates in the population than far leftists, the people who voted for Corbyn or joined the party since are basically the entire far left of Britain, there is no additional pool of support for him to call on.

On the other hand, there are about 20 million middle-of-the-road voters in this country, many of whom are strongly attracted to a candidate like Dan Jarvis and fully aware of their right to take part in the election.The £3 Labour membership is taken full advantage of by those inclined and compelled to vote for a viable democracy and opposition.

A Labour leadership election where anyone can take part, places Corbyn at a huge disadvantage and favours the attractive, charismatic candidate Dan Jarvis, attracting huge numbers that completely swamp the far left vote. Corbyn is totally routed and the moderate wing of the Labour Party have total control of the party machine again, common sense is restored and sanity reigns again with Labour’s rank and file.

Dan Jarvis adapts accordingly to this new landscape, and quickly marshals Labour into an  formidable election winning machine again, winning several bye elections along the way and taking the fight to the Tories at every turn, and also proves himself to be a clever, cunning and combative adversary for a beleagured Theresa May at the despatch box, quickly winning himself kudos from the Labour backbenches, and instilling deep gloom and despondency in the Government ranks, and at the same time endearing himself at large to the general public with his photogenic looks, charisma, and over abundance of fresh popular ideas and formulas

Jarvis sets about feverishly to rebuild the Labour party in the North and Scotland with a sweeping new programme of attractive reforms, initiatives, job creation and affordable house construction and business investments which sees Labour take ascendancy in the opinion polls, and rattles the Tories to their very core.

An inspired and rampant Dan Jarvis runs a model campaign which takes the transforming Labour message to every heartland in the country, masterly denouncing the Tory austerity policies, which resonates loudly in the ears of the public.

Labour  successfully steal their clothes back from Nicola Sturgeon North of the border, and win back a solid portion of their seats from a discredited SNP in Scotland, and go on triumphantly to win numerous Tory and Liberal marginals throughout England and Wales, whilst the Tories bleed under a wounded and fatally flawed Theresa May.

Dan_Jarvis_2014-4986_fsugsu.jpgDan Jarvis wins an amazing overall majority of 20 seats in a Labour Landslide Election win in 2022.

A feat no one thought possible in 2017.

A personal dream and self fulfilling prophecy has come true for Dan Jarvis, a man born to be Prime Minister, and for all those who trust and believe in their own intrinsic powers at their very own disposal.

Peter Paton is an International PR and Strategic Adviser

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